Tom Motyka was born in 1973 in communist Poland when everything was restricted, grey and equally miserable. The government was in control of everything. As a result there wasn’t a connection with other countries, cultures, and other schools of thought. Despite this, Tom’s imagination was still free from supervision.


Since early childhood Tom loved watching movies and in his youth he watched as many as he could. Although early 70’s Polish Television wasn’t broadcasting significant titles, it was still great to watch remarkable national productions. Tom will always remember the day in 1984 when he went to the cinema to see Return of the Jedi. The queue to get a ticket took several hours, and he has never felt so impatient before or since, but what he saw on the screen amazed him for another several years.

Tom’s first steps in media broadcast were in the early 90s, when he was involved in audio production. This experience peaked his interest in a production role. When he emigrated to Scotland in 2006 he established a small video production company called AlbaVideo. Still hungry for knowledge, Tom went to a TV Production course at the Napier University in Edinburgh. In 2016 he received a BA Hons in TV degree.

Tom was always looking for inspiration and guidance. Throughout his career he has connected with several TV and Film industry professionals such as Rick Gardner (former BBC Producer known for Top of the Pops), Clive Russell (actor known for Sherlock Holmes, Thor, Game of Thrones and Outlander), and finally Fraser MacLean (leading Steven Spielberg’s animator known for Space Jam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and many more).  Tom is happy to recognize these inspirational people as personal mentors and friends.

Tom holds production credits for ITV and TV Polonia and has also been involved in commercial productions for Sony Motion Pictures, Guinness World Records and Hard Rock Café. One of his greatest achievements is the BAFTA nominated documentary After the Crash and a recent production of a TV programme The Bridge, Polish –Scottish Stories.

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